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I realize, I feel dreams


"Journal is Journey"
Hi all! Syifa here. I'm Indonesian. I made this journal actually for improve my english and to steal many JE things 8D
My fandom is all about Johnny's Entertainment. From the old senior until the newest junior :D
My favorites are NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP, Kanjani8, Arashi, and Johnny's Jr. I'm a big fan of Yabu Kota. And Miura Haruma plus Osamu Mukai plus Narimiya Hiroki plus Yamamoto Yuusuke--lol ok, it won't stop, I guess XD

Why I put "I realize, I feel dreams" to this journal's title? Cause I love NEWS especially that song's title, "DREAMS" LOL. yeah, that's the main reason. But I also realize my dreams, and I definitely will catch my dream! yeah! XD even though I haven't known yet what I want to be in the future xD

ah I must say thanks to arobynsung for the layout (with some changes by me). and to mintyapple for this profile header. and header by me xD