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a melody to the beat ♪
02 August 2017 @ 02:16 pm
Funny what 15 years old me wrote here and now 7 years later I'm looking back at this account I feel so embarassed hELP. I had to private all my previous posts because it's just so dumb and cringy I can't understand why did I write them. I also had to change the layout because most of the image links are expired lol.

A little story, I used to be a Johnnys fan but I'm more into kpop now (btob is my life) I first made this account to access all the Johnnys stuff here (well I still do) and be friends with other Johnys fans. Really, I can't thank enough for all the stuff people shared ♡♡ and also thank you for you all who wanted to be friends with 15 years old me :")

I just want to say it's still an active account, though I may not post much (or at all) here in the future.
I still like Johnnys artists, I still love news, I still love watching dramas, in fact I'm now watching The Bodyguards (Masataka Kubota ♡) and My Loser Husband :")
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: BTOB - Yes I Am